Hidden Treasures

wam530wam1534wam532wam535wam533wam536wam531Yesterday I stopped in one of the most fascinating vintage stores I have ever encountered, Hidden Treasures. It is more vintage than thrift, but more specialty/costume than anything. It’s its own universe. It’s nestled in a hillside up Topanga Canyon, CA. Topanga is a trip of it’s own and this made Topanga seem like suburban nightmare. There were capes and hats and boots and furs galore. I would have spent the whole afternoon exploring if it was not 96 degrees. Gives me a reason to go back. I snapped a few pics of my outfit from the day, but I am now regretting more than ever not snapping a few of the goods and the atmosphere inside Hidden Treasures. Reason #2. tbc

[kimono: wholesale, from DTLA | tee: SkarGorn |  shorts: vintage Levi’s | boots: Urban Outfitters | specs: Banana Republic]



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