I’m not much of a writer. But I’d like to be. I might as well start exercising my brain. I’ll begin with something I think I know about.

Fashion. It’s a daily exploration. It’s a language. It’s a way to express a mood without spoken word or action. It’s nice. It’s mean. It can be comfortable/ing, but the next minute being fully dressed can feel like being naked in a crowded room. Fashion is attitude. It is confidence and caring little about what others are thinking when they watch you walk by. They’re the ones watching. Let them watch. gawk. copy.

I have a sick obsession with clothes, a disease maybe. Maybe (60%) because I love the physical act of shopping. It’s treasure hunting. I’m an avid thrift shopper. It’s balling on a budget. It’s finding unique pieces you can knead into your wardrobe to add an ounce of separation from the masses. That’s the dream, right?

I just want you, whoever may be reading this, to know I have a brain and I plan on working it out whenever possibly possible.

Thanks for reading,

K. Marie

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